KASS FW’ 20-21 Campaign Video

Creating a new collection, the designer was inspired by the cultural and energetic tradition of the Indian tribes. Through the prism of Native American culture, the designer speaks of an unconscious dependence on the processes that affect our perception and decisions in the future. Conducting experiments with tissues, combining seemingly incompatible materials, each time we get something new. It is in this way that small samples are first created, which served as the ideological inspiration for creating a new collection. The collection will be presented as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week on February 4 at 20:30. Sophisticated decorations, looks, productions and details have always been inherent in the KASS brand. The atmosphere of mystery, mysticism and magic was created at the best location of XXL-Studio. The designer was also guided by the idea of ​​embodying the ideal visual component, using light effects, smoke and mirrors, which was facilitated by the Patriot Rental team.

KASS FW’ 20 21 Campaign Video


KASS brand introduced the FW 20/21 men’s collection campaign.

pink magazine by kass

pink magazine by kass

Together with the KASS brand, Pink magazine made a very symbolic pink light shot. This is the first thing the Kass brand has after a break of several seasons. Despite a long pause, the team is already actively involved in the work process and is going to surprise us with new unique projects.


For brands in general, it is very important to be friends with glosses, creating joint projects, collaborations. There are so many new brands in Ukraine today. We do not say that this is bad, on the contrary, competition always encourages and makes one move. Gloss, in essence, is a brand that cannot exist without other brands. But they cannot exist without gloss. Such a symbiosis, each grows at the expense of the other, and this is cool, because only teamwork can give the most amazing result, ”comments designer Bogdan Kass.

The KASS brand team also mentioned the main advantages of cooperation, calling Pink one of the most daring magazines about style and fashion. After all, Pink.ua editorial staff is ready to support the most unique and non-standard ideas.


The purpose of the collaboration was primarily in development. Indeed, according to the KASS team, the magazine should talk about fashion, and they should create it. To implement his idea, the designer chose a sweatshirt. He considers this an ideal gift for the winter holidays and a universal component of the wardrobe. Joint sweatshirt of Pink magazine and KASS brand in delicate pink color with embroidery on the sleeve. This has become the main focus.


Pink happily supports Ukrainian designers. This is a great opportunity to create unusual and creative outfits for Ukrainian women. Especially in collaboration with KASS, “comments Olga Zaruba, editor-in-chief of Pink.ua.

Ekaterina Getmantsova